Our Pick- The 5 Best Hollywood Night Gowns



Here at The Damsel we just can’t resist a touch of Old Hollywood Glamour, and where better to feel like a silver starlet than in the boudoir? That’s why we can’t get enough of the peignoir, in all its forms-silk, chiffon, ostrich, marabou-we aren’t picky!

But we do have a discerning eye which we’ve  cast across the web in order to bring you our five must-have glamorous gowns. We’d recommend wearing  while applying hair and makeup, eating breakfast in bed, or lounging around the house…


1. Peach Cassandra Dressing Gown by Catherine D’Lish – $399.99

Let’s face it, any creation by master costumier, Burlesque Artiste and all round glamazon Catherine D’Lish is bound to set pulses racing, but this gown is without a doubt our favorite. Perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons, don’t you think?


2. Nude and Pink Hollywood Starlet Dressing Gown by Dainty Rascal – £683.59

Firm favourites with The Pink Collar Life aka Tara MiSioux and Ashlyn Coco, Dainty Rascal offer bespoke vintage inspired dresses and gowns on Etsy. This Ostrich Starlet Gown is absolute perfection, with real movie-star appeal.


3. The Vivian Dressing Gown in Champagne Gold by Emerald & Palm- $618

Founded by vintage enthusiast Allison Streuter, Emerald & Palm was created after Streuter tried and failed to find a silk dressing gown akin to the ones she had seen in old films.

So it’s no surprise to find this stunning piece in her collection. Made from 100% silk, the Vivian Gown, also available in gunmetal grey and emerald green, is sophistication personified. Oh, and did we mention you can wear it out of the house too? We’ll take all three please!


4. The Nell Robe in White by Bettie Blues Loungerie – £375.00

Designed and made in the UK, Bettie Blues Loungerie   creates fabulous loungewear with an old fashioned twist. Oozing glamour and sensuality with its teasing neckline and lace panels, this gown is guaranteed to set hearts aflutter.


5. Luxury Bridal Gown with Ostrich Trim by Beau Rocks- £450.00

Designed and made by British Burlesque star Beau Rocks,  we think this gown is far too beautiful to be reserved for brides alone, wouldn’t you agree?


And don’t forget to add the finishing touch to any peignoir, with the Elice Mules in Ivory by Agent Provocateur – £295



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